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This unusual volume contains more than 700 entries and 150 original and sometimes shocking illustrations. Brenda Love covers strange methods of arousal as will as hundreds of bizarre sex activities such as erotic balls, and love potions. One person's erotic stimulation is another person's excuse to say, "I'm outta here." A study of neurological cycles, imprinting, and primal needs shows how people form their own unique recipes for love. Hardly any garment or activity escapes Brenda Love's encyclopedia. Writing exhaustively and without bias, Love has created a reference source for those intrigued with the full range of human sexual expression. To enrich the content of more than 750 entries, she has consulted with or quoted from, wherever possible, the practitioners.

Readers learn about such "practices" as concubinage, mock marriages, power tools (including a list of those suitable for sex games), sadism, and suturing. The entries, along with 150 original illustrations, are certain to expand both your consciousness and your vocabulary: you will learn about flatuphiles, fornicatory dolls, and frottage, plus infibulation (surgical closure of the labia) and inunction (using lotion for arousal). In this entertaining guide through sexual facts and fancies, Brenda Love--licensed pilot, skydiver, and columnist--writes: "It is the aim of the encyclopedia to provide objective information about how human beings behave; where you draw the line must be your own informed choice."

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